How to Take out a Loan?

There are two approaches to take out a loan on LEVER, Direct Borrow and Leveraged Borrow.
Direct Borrow 1. Go to Markets 2. Click on the Borrow button. 3. On the redirected page, you will be able to take out a loan based on the asset's LTV. For example, if you are to borrow USDT whose LTV is 75.5%, meaning for $100 in collateral, you can borrow $75.5 worth USDT. 4. Use this when you want to participate in the loan pool for liquidity mining as this can reduce loss caused by slippage and liquidity provider fee.
Leveraged Borrow 1. Go to the Margin 2. Select the asset you want to borrow, up to 3X leverage is available. 3. Swap it for your target asset. 4. Use this when you want to do leveraged trading as this increases your borrowing power.