How to Carry out Margin Trading on Lever?

Margin Trading

What is Margin Trading?
Margin Trading means borrowing from the Lever protocol and using the borrowed asset to perform leverage trading, which you can either long or short any supported assets.
Margin trading is a form of leverage, which users use to magnify their returns, however, the losses can be magnified as well.
Let’s carry out a margin trading together and that’ll show you how exactly does margin show its magic. Tutorial below is on the BSC version. For other versions the steps are similar.
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    Connect to a wallet.
3. Go to Markets and find an asset you want to deposit.
You may choose Hot/All assets as you like, more trending assets will be listed and open for margin trading soon.
4. Input the amount you want to deposit or just click Max.
5. Once the transaction is completed, you can check your balance on the Dashboard Page.