As of now, Lever only supports cross margin trading.
Users can use all deposited assets as margin for cross margin trading. For assets to be used as margin, please refer to Lever announcement and actual launch.
Lever community has the right to adjust, subject to announcements issued by Lever, the current Loan To Value and Liquidation Threshold for the safety of assets.
No limits are applied to your margin and position in the current version of Lever.

Margin Loan Rules

The Maximum Amount of Single Margin Loan refers to the maximum amount of digital asset that can be borrowed by a single user for each crypto. The calculation of the Maximum Amount of Single Margin Loan will be subject to the pre-set maximum total amount of Cross Margin Loan allowed for the user and the Platform’s risk control rules. In these Rules:
Maximum margin loan amount = {asset A value* LTV A + asset B value* LTV B +…}- outstanding margin Loan]*( maximum leverage -1).
Formulaic expression:
Among them,
After the successful advance of a margin loan when the borrowed digital assets are delivered to the user's Cross Margin Account, interest shall accrue on such Margin Loan immediately.
Users can choose to borrow asset for leveraged trading or transferring the asset to a wallet in Dashboard.